Thajské masáže Praha

Thai Nirvana
(with application of hot herbal pouches)

​Contrary to classical Thai massages, Thai Nirvana (a massage with application of hot herbal pouches) is more relaxing and less invasive. Masseuses do not use a pressure method and they focus more on release of muscle tension. Establishment of a balance of mind is typical of all kinds of massages. This massage is performed in combination with aromatherapy using original Thai aromatic oil (the scent of which you can choose from five different sorts). With the help of natural products, the massage will calm you down in general, having relaxation and anti-stress effects on your body and skin. When taking this massage regularly, your nervous system will be calmed down, your muscle tension will be released, you blood circulation will be stimulated, swelling and tissue stiffening will be reduced. A sixty-minute massage with Thai aroma oils is finished with application of hot herbal pouches on the spots of energy flows in your body. Thai people are renowned for a long tradition of natural healing and their hot herbal pouches belong to the most popular healing methods. At this so-called Camalina method, linen pouches containing a mixture of ten carefully selected Thai herbs are warmed up in steam and then applied on your body. Each of the herbs has its specific healing effect and as a whole they help to alleviate pain and release muscular stress.

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