Thajské masáže Praha
What is super effective against stress,
fatigue and pain is hydrotherapy!


Positive effects of warm water and air massage on human body have been known and used already for at least two thousand years. Hydrotherapy in a hot air massage bathtub removes fatigue and pain. Whirlpool massages are recommended by physicians also to persons undergoing rehabilitation after an injury of the locomotor system. In general it could be said that hydrotherapy has positive effects on improvement of psychical well-being, against stress, insomnia, muscle pain, arthritis, it improves blood circulation and heart function.

    Whirlpool is available to you in the following salons:
    » Zlatnická - during the COVID-19 pandemic we do not offer this service

The services can be used only if you also buy a massage or a cosmetic treatment.

The recommended length of the stay in whirlpool is about 30 minutes. Whirlpool should be used before the massage or beauty services. Before entering whirlpool, will you please make yourselves familiar with the Operating Rules and Instructions for Use of Whirlpool.