Thajské masáže Praha
Do you spend all your time at work and keep thinking about work, and nothing else? Are you determined to relieve your mind of everyday worries and really relax? Don´t you feel like enjoying your life at least for while?

Massage at Home

You are too busy to visit our salons. It does not matter. Give us a call and we will take pleasure in coming to your place.

Massages are performed by native Thai and Philippine masseuses, having vast professional experience and certificate of the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School. You can choose from a wide range of offered massages, there are even several types of different duration and at different prices, e.g. a sixty-minute massage of the whole body or a 120-minute aromatic oil massage having a positive feel-good effect on your body and soul.

Relieve of stress, improvement of blood circulation, detoxifying and strengthening your nervous system. Absorption of new energy and overall harmonisation of your body. All of this is offered and achieved by Thai massages of Thajka salons!

 Massage60 min90 min120 min
Classic 1 390 Kc1 790 Kc2 090 Kc
Oil Classic 1 390 Kc1 790 Kc2 090 Kc
Oil Aroma 1 590 Kc1 990 Kc2 290 Kc
Combination 1 490 Kc1 890 Kc2 190 Kc
Shiatsu 1 390 Kc1 790 Kc2 090 Kc
Twin Oil Classic 2 290 Kc2 890 Kc3 390 Kc
Foot 1 390 Kc

Prices include VAT and transport within Prague 1 to 7.

For prices to other addresses, contact us at

The price may be increased in the event of an extraordinary traffic situation, you will be informed about this in advance.

We recommend to book our service online at least 48 hours in advance.