Thajské masáže Praha
Beauty Thajka
Basic Treatment 90890 Kc
Special Eye Cure 60650 Kc
Lava Stone Massage 30500 Kc
Lifting Treatment 90 1290 Kc
Paraffin Wrap for Hands 30150 Kc
Cleansing Cure 60550 Kc
Hydrating Treatment 90890 Kc
Anti-age treatment 601000 Kc
Energy Bomb 901290 Kc
Collagen Treatment 901590 Kc
Collagen Vlies-Mask 901590 Kc

Prices include VAT.

Depilation - chin and lips 30100 Kc
Depilation - calves 30370 Kc
Depilation - hands 30300 Kc
Depilation - whole legs 40540 Kc
Eyebrows & Eyelashes Dyeing 30220 Kc
Eyebrows or Eyelashes Dyeing 20120 Kc
Eyebrow trim 30100 Kc
Day Make-up 30250 Kc
Evening Make-up 30350 Kc
Wedding Make-up 30500 Kc
Cosmetic Face Massage 30350 Kc
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