Thajské masáže Praha

Introduction to Thai Massages

Thai Massage techniques are very different from techniques of classical massage which are practiced in Europe and focused principally on muscles and soft tissues. Thai Massages is focused on the whole body, with the biggest concentration on muscles of legs, joints, feet soles and back because those parts of body are the most strained at the contemporary style of life.

Thai Massages draw on the experience more than 2500 years old. The traditional massages have many variants – for example oil or reflex massages, but all of them have something in common - they are totally different from European massages, which are mostly performed on a naked body. The traditional Thai Massages were originally practiced at Buddhist temples, so patients had to be covered up. Still today, clients are completely dressed at Thai massages.

The art of a “traditional Thai Massage“ requires wide knowledge of human body, particularly bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The massage is used to relieve pains and alleviate chronic symptoms and pains of muscles and bones often caused by wrong posture (all-day standing or sitting). It may also work as a therapy to suppress consequences of damage to tissues and at disorders caused by heavy stress. Many people are often surprised that such a soft method can help to reduce stress and tension caused by physical malfunctions.

The original Thai Massage, called “nuad”, has a very deep healing tradition. The theoretical basis of the massage is the science about invisible vital energy lines (sen), leading through the human body. The Thai Massage concentrates on the lines on which important acupressure points lie, stimulates the energy points and influences thereby the energy flow in the body. The stimulation of the lines by the massages releases blockages, supports free energy flow and contributes to a good health condition.

​The technique of the Thai Massage consists primarily in pressing and bending, rather than kneading. It is just the pressure on energy centres – chakras, what has the healing effect. The masseur systematically presses the whole patient´s body with his thumbs, heal, knees, forearms or palm.

Just by the pressing, the blocked lines – meridians are released  and thereby the desired correction is achieved. Thai Massage may even be painful a bit, but only when a patient has already some serious acute or chronic problems. To achieve a real effect, the massage should last two to three hours – this is the ideal duration, according to experts. One hour is minimum. That´s why Thai Massages are therefore sometimes referred to as exercise or yoga “for lazy people”. It lasts longer than the massages we are used to in our geographical area, but it is pleasant and - what is essential – it always helps. To enjoy it fully, you have to take the massage for at least 90-120 minutes. But also a thirty- or sixty-minute-massage of the body or of just legs and feet will bring you a great feeling of release.

Other positive effects include alleviation of stress, improvement of blood circulation, cleaning of your body from toxins and other harmful substances, strengthening of your nervous system, energy revitalization and the overall harmonization of your body.

All of this is provided by original Thai massages performed in Thajka salons in Prague.