Thajské masáže Praha


The main effect of a stay in a sauna consists in enhancement of resistance of the body and prevention from a cold, flu and other diseases. Intensive sweating helps body organs to get rid of waste products of metabolism and improves distribution of water in the body. The human health is definitely positively influenced by sauna.

    Sauna is available to you in the following salons:
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The services can be used only with simultaneous purchase of any massage or cosmetic procedure.

Sauna is recommended before massage or cosmetic treatment. Before entering sauna, please make yourself familiar with the Operating Rules and Instructions for Sauna Use. The persons who are going to use sauna for the first time should consult it with their physicians before.

How to use sauna correctly
Before entering sauna, take off all your clothes, have a shower with soap and water and dry your body. Sit or lie down on any of the benches, which fit you most. The ideal temperature for beginners should be about 75° C. When sweating, rub yourselves lightly. The duration of your stay in sauna depends on your feelings. In sauna you have to feel comfortably.

Warming the body above the normal body temperature is pleasant and relaxing. Sauna relieves your tired muscles and calms down your stressed brain, as the body releases into the blood stream substances such as endorphins, bringing you relief. When staying in sauna, you should beware of feelings like nose tingling and skin of your face and an excessive feeling of hot. This occurs approximately after 15 minutes, according to the air temperature.

After warming up in the sauna, cool your body down using cold shower causing sharp drop of the body temperature, always begin with your feet and legs. The procedure of sharp warming your body up and cooling it down shall be repeated three times. After drying yourselves, you can do several relaxing stretching movements. It is strictly forbidden to go from sauna directly to whirlpool, first you have to cool yourselves down, having a shower.

Sauna is not recommended for persons suffering from diseases of heart and blood circulation. If you have a skin disease, you have to consult your physician. Sauna should not be used either by a person with fever, because his or her thermoregulation system is disturbed. You should not go to sauna, when you are very tired or with acute sleep deprivation. You should be neither hungry nor have your stomach overstuffed. Similarly, you should not be thirsty.

As you sweat a lot when having a sauna, you should supply your body with sufficient amount of water, the intake of water should be continued after leaving the sauna, too.

After leaving the sauna, have a shower with soap and water thoroughly, wash your hair with a shampoo and dry yourselves. Start a relaxation regime in the relaxation room on a comfortable bed. Cover your body with a sheet. Have a rest for about 30-60 minutes. Treat your dried skin with a cream or oil.​