Thajské masáže Praha

Thai Lotion Massage

​The most common product used in physical therapy is massage lotion. Lotion is a typical lubricant that helps penetrate skin layers and along with massage techniques, helps soothe deep tissues in the skin. Lotion is ideal for massage techniques that may not require as much gliding or smooth strokes but more of helping techniques that require more friction. Lotion products help clients and patients obtain the maximum benefit of their massage while helping them feel calm and relaxed. Our Thai massage lotion help in providing comfort and relief to those with sensitive skin. Advancements in technology have helped develop lotion product with natural extracts and oils to help nourish skin and muscles. Thai massage lotion is made with soothing and relaxing ingredients that can help give a better massage experience. There are certain scents and fragrances that help make patients and clients relax and release tension due to stress. Some ingredients have healing properties, which is beneficial for those getting physical therapy on a regular basis. The way lotion is formulated allows it to blend well into the skin. Our formula blend in without leaving a heavy or oily residue; making it easy for someone who received a massage to put on clothing without the product leaving marks. Using lotion during massages help keep skin hydrated. It even helps skin look healthy, create a natural glow and softness. Various skin types can benefit from massage lotion ingredients. Thai massage lotion is being made with natural ingredients the skin needs. Healing properties such as Aloe Vera are found in lotion and antioxidants such as green tea extracts that make it ideal for full body treatment.